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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you can find the information you are looking for within our website pages. The following frequently asked questions may also be of assistance.

Most of the signs and graphics we provide are bespoke so please find your local branch and either call us or request a quote if you have a specific question regarding a project you are working on.

Alternatively call Head Office free on 0845 5040 501 (UK) or 1 800 744 679 (Ireland).

About our business signs service

Can I get a custom made sign?

Of course. The majority of what we do is bespoke which is individual to the customer, usually including their company name or corporate identity. If you have something in mind please contact your local centre who will discuss the options with you or you can always arrange a free site survey appointment, where we can take a look at your premises and advise you. 

Do you provide sports ground signage, school signs, retail signs and business signs for all industry sectors?

With production centres across the UK & Ireland, we sell our services to many local and national businesses. We work with many types of businesses including; retailers, hairdressers, the public sector, schools and further education establishments, sports grounds and stadiums, marketing and design agencies, architects and surveyors, the health sector, offices, car and commercial vehicle dealers; and tradesmen including builders, contractors, plumbers and electricians. Find your local centre and see their portfolio of recent work. Our national accounts department works with many national companies across a number of locations. Visit our national accounts page to find out more.

How are National signs and vehicle graphics contracts handled?

If you are looking to complete a rebrand of your signs and graphics or need ongoing supply for your premises, windows or vehicles across a number of sites, Signs Express' dedicated National Accounts department can help. Through a single contact at our head office, we can co-ordinate the work across a number of sites ensuring complete continuity of your brand. Please visit our National Accounts page for further information. 

How do I pay for my business signs and graphics?

New customers will usually be asked to pay a deposit before any work has commenced and this can be either in the form of cash, cheque, credit card or through a pro-forma invoice. Once you have set up an account with us, in most cases we will offer you a 30 day invoice account. 

How long do I have to wait for the sign or vehicle graphics after ordering?

This is very dependent on the availability of materials, production schedules and design approval. Typically a lead time of 10-14 days should be expected however, we will always discuss this with you at the time of order and will accommodate your needs wherever possible. Please contact us to place an enquiry with your local centre.

What should my signage say to communicate my company branding?

The best sign for any business is one that will attract the most customers and give your business the correct identity. All signage must be clear, easy to read and to understand. As experts in signs and graphics, Signs Express can help advise and specify the best solution to your needs. Signs Express has the equipment and expertise to produce high quality signs able to get you noticed. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements

What type of signs does Signs Express provide?

Signs Express is a one-stop-shop for all of your sign solutions. We provide a wide range of signs and graphics including; interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps, vinyl & PVC banners, window graphics and specialist solar control window films, exhibition graphics and exhibition equipment, health and safety signs and labels and stickers. The majority of our signs are bespoke and made to order but we also sell a range of off the shelf items such as health and safety signs, exhibition accessories and pavement furniture.

What's the most effective sign for my business?

The best sign for any business is one that will attract the most customers and give your business the correct identity. All signage must be clear, easy to read and to understand. As experts in signs and graphics, Signs Express can help advise and specify the best solution to your needs. Signs Express has the equipment and expertise to produce high quality signs able to get you noticed. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements

Buying a sign

Can I purchase my signs on line, including health and safety signs?

We have a full range of health and safety signs available at our online shop. As the majority of our products are bespoke and manufactured to order, we do not offer an online service for this. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements.

Do you accept credit cards to pay for my signage?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. Please contact your local centre to make payment for your order.

Do you sell your signs and graphics across the UK & Ireland?

With a nationwide network of sign production centres across the UK & Ireland we have a wide coverage across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Visit our centre finder page to find your local centre. We regret we do not sell our products outside of the UK & Ireland. 

How much will my sign cost?

Your business signs can be as cheap or as expensive as you'd like it to be, it really comes down to the design, size, style and the materials used. We are happy to work to your budget, providing you with the best solution to your needs.
You pay for signage once and it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years. Signs should be seen as an investment as effective signs will pay for themselves many times over. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements

Is the fitting of my business sign or vehicle graphics included?

There will be a separate charge for installation of your signs and graphics incorporated into your quote. If you would like us to just supply your signs and not install them, please let us know. We prefer to install vehicle graphics ourselves as the vinyl application can affect the longevity of graphics. Please contact us to place an enquiry with your local centre.

Sign design and artwork

Are proofs supplied of the sign design before work commences?

Yes, all artwork must be approved and signed off by the customer before it is manufactured and fitted. Any amendments after approval may be chargeable. All artwork designs remain the property of Signs Express until an order is placed.

Do we need to supply our own artwork/designs for our business signs or vehicle graphics?

Although we specialise in the manufacture of signs and graphics and not design, the nature of the work we do means that we can design our products to meet your exact requirements. At most centres, we can even design your company logo and design your artwork from scratch, through consultation with you. We will often charge a small design fee and deposit for this service but this will always be confirmed with you prior to commencing the work. Equally, we are very happy to work with your own designs and artwork and accept most file formats. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer free consultations for sign design?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with a free of charge site survey and quotation. On some occasions we may charge a small travel fee but this will always be confirmed prior to any meeting. Please visit our branch finder page and contact your nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements

What type of artwork files do you accept?

We can accept artwork / logos / photographs in most formats but prefer to work with the following: Plt. Eps. Pdf. Tiff. Jpg. AI or PSD files. We regret that artwork designs completed in word or powerpoint will not provide an acceptable resolution for reproduction and will have to be redrawn. Artwork which needs some additional design work may be chargeable. Please contact your local centre to discuss.

Why do I need signs and graphics to promote my business?

Signs are the most effective inexpensive form of advertising, promoting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Signs are the first point of communication between you and your customers/visitors. And from this, signs are the first impressions people receive of you and your business. Signs are like the clothing of a business – we often notice them when they are missing.
Many people will admit to judging a business from the state of their signage. Signs also provide information and health and safety signs are a mandatory requirement. 

Interior & exterior signs

Can built-up lettering be used for exterior signs and interior signs?

Most commonly used on exterior signs but can also be specified for interior applications; built-up lettering is the process of using individual letters manufactured from plastic, acrylic, aluminium or their derivatives and installing them in a raised fashion to give a 3D effect to a sign. Illumination can then be added either through a trough light or through LED's to provide a halo effect for night time visibility of the sign. Take a look at our exterior signs page to see examples of built-up lettering. 

Can you provide both temporary and permanent signs for durability inside and outside?

We complete both temporary and permanent signs for customers and the materials used will impact on the durability of the sign. We offer a full range of materials to fit within your budget and needs and also specify products for whether the sign will be used inside or outside. There are also anti-vandal and tamper proof laminates we can apply to protect your signage from being damaged. Most signs should last a number of years and should be seen as an investment rather than a one off cost; as they will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact us to place an enquiry with your local centre.

Do you do pavement signs and other pavement furniture for caf├ęs and retail areas?

Yes, we have a wide range of pavement furniture available including café barriers, notice boards, chalk boards and swing signs. Contact your local centre to request a comprehensive catalogue. 

What is a projecting sign or hanging sign?

Usually installed on the outside of a building, a projecting sign is fixed to a bracket to enable the sign to project at an angle perpendicular to the building, therefore making it easier for your sign to stand out eg. In high footfall retail areas. This is usually used to supplement a fascia on your building. Take a look at our exterior signs page.

What is a sign tray used for?

A tray sign is most commonly a moulded aluminium tray used as a substrate to provide the backing for your sign. This can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to suit your branding. Tray signs can also be fret cut to allow a graphic and illumination to shine through in your required design. The tray frames the vinyl text or lettering to give your sign prominence on your building. Tray signs are not only used for fascias but can be used for smaller applications, for example entrance signs. Take a look at our exterior signs page for further information. 

Vehicle graphics and window graphics

Can you provide full colour photographs and text for my vehicle graphics? What options are available?

From simple single colour lettering on the side of your vehicle to large format photographs and vehicle wraps, Signs Express can provide a one stop shop solution for all of your vehicle graphic needs. Our vehicle graphics are applied in our dedicated vehicle application bay wherever possible, providing the optimum conditions for vehicle graphics application. We also provide a range of magnetic vehicle signs and use reflective or conspicuity markings for high visibility vehicles. Visit the vehicle graphics page for more information. 

How do I remove my vehicle graphics?

For a small fee, we can remove the graphics for you. Alternatively you should be able to remove your own vehicle graphics without damaging your paintwork by using a hair dryer to warm and loosen the vinyl. Depending how long the graphics have been on the vehicle, you may see a small glue residue on the paintwork which can be easily removed. In the case of full vehicle wraps, it is advisable to get a professional to remove the graphics. For further advice please contact your nearest centre

How long do vehicle graphics last?

Professionally applied vehicle graphics should last for years if they are cared for correctly. We advise that you do not wash your vehicle for a week after vehicle graphics are applied and do not jet wash the graphics as this may reduce their life. For permanent vehicle graphics, we always offer to laminate the graphics which should prolong the colour of any digitally printed images. We use varying grades of vinyl to fit within your requirements. Visit our vehicle graphics page for further information.

What are decals?

Decals are another term used for vinyl graphics and vinyl signs. Decals are commonly used as a term to describe text and logos on motorbikes, cars, trailers, trucks, vans and lorries amongst other transportation modes. Visit the vehicle graphics page for more information. 

What are reflective vinyl graphics / conspicuity markings?

There are specialist vinyl materials available which offer reflective qualities for high impact graphics throughout the night. We can apply your vehicle with rear chevrons or build reflective graphics into your livery design for high visibility of your vehicle. New legislation in force this year will require new commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to have reflective outlines to the bodies and rears of the vehicle. From July 2010 this will apply to all commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes what ever their age. Visit the vehicle graphics page to find out more and see examples. 

What is etch vinyl graphics and how is it used on windows?

Also called frosted vinyl, etch window graphics are ideal for branding areas of glass giving a professional finish to your premises. Large areas of glass also need to be identified with markings to conform to health and safety standards and etch vinyl is a great way to achieve this. Visit our window graphics page for ideas and information.

What is solar control window film?

There are a wide range of window films available including solar control, safety and security glass film and anti graffiti. There are many advantages to using solar control film including; reducing harmful UV rays by 99%, heat and glare reduction, energy conservation and it also improves the appearance of your windows. Please our window films page for more information. 

What's the difference between vehicle graphics, vehicle livery and vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle graphics and vehicle livery are the general terms used to describe the application of vinyl graphics to any type of vehicle from cars and vans right through to lorries or motorcycles. We have also applied graphics to buses, boats and even an aeroplane in the past. The graphics can be as simple as text lettering or can include photographs, company logos, tonal fades and even reflective or conspicuity markings. Visit the vehicle graphics page to find out more and see examples. 

Banners and exhibition displays

Can you provide flags?

Yes we offer a full supply of flags and banners which can be positioned at the entrance of your premises or to promote external events. Please visit our banners page to find out more.

What is a banner building wrap?

A building wrap is a large format mesh banner which is fixed to the top of a building usually to cover up building works or to create an eye-catching promotion. Visit our banners section for more information and examples.

What range of exhibition equipment can you supply?

We can provide a wide range of exhibition equipment and exhibition graphics aimed to present your company visually in your corporate style. From portable floor standing roller banners to pop-up exhibition stands we can supply high quality solutions to your exhibition and display needs. We can also provide modular exhibition stands where we can work with you on a design for a completely bespoke exhibition stand, with a wide variety of materials available. We offer an online catalogue showcasing a selection of commonly ordered products - visit our exhibition displays page for further information.

What sort of banners do you provide?

Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior banner, Signs Express can provide the ideal solution for your needs. From PVC and vinyl printed banners which can be fixed to railings or buildings or within a banner framework to floor standing banner stands to decorate your reception area we offer a full range of products for added promotion of your business. Banners can also be suspended from the side of a building, lamp posts and other substrates and can be printed on a wide range of materials making mesh banners, PVC banners and vinyl banners. Visit our banners page for more information. 

Illuminated signs

Do we need an electrician for installation of my signage?

Yes if you have any electrical supply to your signs then you should use a qualified electrician. Signs Express may be able to recommend someone for you to connect your sign to the mains, please speak to your local centre

Do you supply lighting to make my business sign illuminated?

Wherever possible, it is advisable to add lighting to your sign to ensure that it gets maximum visibility throughout the day and night. We offer a range of lighting for exterior and interior use including LED's and trough lighting. See some of our illuminated signs by visiting our exterior signs page.

What are LED signs and how do they work?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) is a solid state semi-conductor device which can convert electrical energy directly in to light energy. To get a glowing sign from LED, they are placed adjacent to each other in a polymer jacket, just so far apart as to permit glow overlap and give a constant regular light. Becoming increasingly popular, LED's are very flexible, easy to handle and are low in energy usage, providing a smart, professional finish to both interior and exterior signs. There is a selection of colours available and LED signs can also comprise of variable message signs which can be programmed to display any message you wish. 

What's a light box sign?

A light box can be used on the inside or outside of your premises and needs to be connected to mains supply in order to work. As the name suggests, a lightbox is an encapsulated box with lighting tubes installed inside and a graphic usually applied to the front. A light box can also have a fret cut lettering or logo installed to give a nice illuminated effect. Visit our interior signs or exterior signs pages for more information.

What's the difference between LED's & neon lighting for signs?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) is a solid state semi-conductor device which can convert electrical energy directly in to light energy. Neon signs however, are glass tubes filled with neon gas. There are many differences between the two including:

  • LED's are a lot smaller occupying less space height wise as well as in depth;
  • LED's do not heat up in the same way that Neon does thus requiring less space behind the sign;
  • LED's are much easier to transport and install and require less maintenance than Neon signs; LED signs are bright and clear to read from any distance while Neon signs tend to get blurred if viewed from far away;
  • LED signs have a lifetime of around 100,000 hours whereas Neon signs need to be refilled and may also have gas leaks;
  • LED signs are also more eco-friendly as they do not emit any gases and have low energy usage;
  • LED's can be used to create variable message signs and animation;
  • LED's are extremely malleable and can be twisted in any direction with ease whereas Neon signs are manufactured using glass and so need specialised processes to turn and twist.

We prefer to use LED's wherever possible as we feel it has the best overall long lasting effect for your signage and is also the most environmentally friendly lighting solution. Contact your local centre for further information and options. 


How do I become a Signs Express franchisee?

As members of the British Franchise Association and Irish Franchise Association, Signs Express has over 20 years experience in franchising its highly successful signs and graphics business model. If you are looking to start in business, franchising is a great way to get a head start with a back up support team at Head Office and full training in all areas of the business. Visit our franchise opportunities website and look at our FAQ's for further information or contact us to receive a franchise prospectus.

What employment opportunities are available at Signs Express

Please take a look at our vacancies page.

Sign legislation and regulations

Can you advise on health & safety regulations

As a member of the British Signs & Graphics Association, we observe the highest standards of working practice and ensure we are fully versed in health and safety regulations. In most cases we will offer a free site survey where we will be able to advise you of your obligations. Please contact us to place an enquiry with your local centre.

Do you offer any guarantee for my business signs?

We offer signs for a wide range of needs from temporary to permanent signs and graphics and will discuss with you the potential lifespan of the products before the order is placed. As we supply many types of signs, we do not offer a standard guarantee across all of our products but in general, we offer a 12 month guarantee. We value our high standards of workmanship so please speak with your local production centre to discuss any individual needs.

What are my legal obligations

It is always advisable to contact the planning office when commissioning new exterior signs to ensure you comply with current building and planning regulations.
You should contact the DVLA to notify them of any changes to your vehicle after receiving vehicle graphics. Please contact us to place an enquiry with your local centre.

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