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UK exhibitions attract over 13 million visitors each year, generating £11 billion in spend*. If you’ve attended an exhibition in the past, you’ll know that the halls are filled with hundreds of stands competing to grab the attention of attendees. Here are some of our top tips on how to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.
Choose the right stand for your space and budget

Pop-up stand and exhibition furniturePop-up stand and exhibition furniture
The size of your exhibition space will vary depending on your package, so it’s important to make sure you utilise every bit of space available. Whether you’re looking for something ‘simple but effective’ or want to ‘go big or go home’, the majority of small and medium businesses spend anything between £500 and £2000* on making their stand just right, so there is a solution for any organisation.

Roller banners are an excellent choice for small spaces as well as being cost-effective and adaptable. Pop-up stands create a unique backdrop to feature your brand and promotional messages. Made of self-locating magnetic frames and bars, these versatile exhibition stands are available in a wide range of sizes.

Modular display systems and exhibition furniture create the perfect setting for large exhibition areas. Using a striking design and brand consistency throughout every aspect of the display will be sure to create a lasting first impression and attract people to your stand.

If the event organiser allows, hanging banners are a highly visible promotional tool which will stand out from above. With shell schemes and more bespoke custom-built options also available, the possibilities to make your display stand out are truly endless.

Interactive digital screens are also a great engagement tool and an excellent way to gain contact information without the need for stacks of paper forms and hours of admin when you get back to the office.


Exhibition displayExhibition display
Above all, the design of your stand should reflect your organisation and what you have to offer. 48%** of UK exhibition attendees are attracted to a stand by its overall look and 92%*** go to specifically see new products, so a strong design that showcases your products is a must.

A clear, enticing marketing message on your exhibition signage will let attendees know exactly who you are and why they should visit your stand. Consider ambient lighting as well as creating an inviting lounge/meeting area so you can talk to visitors about your products or services in a relaxed environment away from the bustle of the exhibition hall.

Portable exhibition furniture is not only functional but it’s also a perfect opportunity to further the promotion of your brand. From counters to plinths, seating to floor graphics, why not bring your brand to life through our exhibition solutions.

Offer promotional items

People love a freebie, in fact, 34%** of exhibition attendees visit a stand for that reason alone, so the opportunity to take home a branded pen, mug or tote bag will be sure to draw people to your stand. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness as the next time they make notes or sip their coffee they’ll be reminded of your business.

Why not plan activities on your stand like a competition or interactive game, or offer visitors a free beverage or snack? Anything that will make your stand and therefore your business memorable, is a good idea.

Think innovation

No matter how hard you try, sometimes a standard exhibition display just won’t cut it, so you need to think outside the box. We can work with you to create a completely bespoke solution so be sure to ask if you want something a bit different. Soft signage is one of the ways you can take things to the next level by incorporating printed fabrics into your display, from curved pop-up booths to tension fabric lightboxes.

Exhibition display by Signs Express (Leeds)Exhibition display by Signs Express (Leeds)
Remember to tell your customers you’re going to be exhibiting and don’t just stop when the exhibition finishes. Be sure to follow-up with everybody you meet to really make the most of your exhibition experience.

With such a wide range of products, services and ideas, we work collaboratively by talking you through all of the options available and highlighting key features and benefits so you make an informed decision.

Contact your local centre to find out more.

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*** CEIR: The Role & Value of Face to Face
Pull up banners
Pull up bannersPull up banners
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