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Not our most popular mode of signage, but we do still get the odd enquiry, so we thought we would address this interest in magnetic van signage.

Why do people opt for magnets over vehicle graphics?

Most people will choose permanent graphics if the vehicle will be used solely for business purposes, so the flexibility of being able to add and remove graphics will not be necessary.

However, there are a select few clients who benefit from the temporary nature of magnets. Those who use their vehicle both for business and pleasure may enjoy the novelty of being able to “clock off” from work by removing their business graphics at the end of a day’s work.

Also, for those who regularly change over their vehicles (i.e. long distance/high mileage jobs), magnetic graphics can be a more cost-effective solution over having to get new vehicle graphics on each new vehicle that they exchange.

What is the process for getting vehicle magnets?

You are more than welcome to come to us with your own artwork (in PDF or AI format) or alternatively, one of our experienced designers will draft up a proposal according to your specifications.

If you are after custom sizes, we will ask you to bring your vehicle by, so we are able to measure up and draft your design accurately.
After you have proofed the final design, we will have it made up on site and you will be able to collect your finished custom magnets from 48 hours after you have placed the order.

Will magnetic signage damage my vehicle?

We have been making magnetic signs (among other things) for nearly 20 years and we cannot emphasise enough the importance of proper maintenance! To avoid damage to your vehicle, the magnets need to be removed and cleaned daily. For more comprehensive advice on how to look after your magnetic signage, please look at our article on “tips to maintain your van signwriting

The magnets we use are of the highest industry standard 0.85mm, wind and fade resistant, they are also laminated to provide extra strength and durability. So, if you follow the proper aftercare, you should notice no damage to your vehicle.

Whether you go for permanent van signwriting or choose to make use of magnets, by choosing Signs Express Basildon & Southend you can rest assured that your branded design will be produced to your exact specifications. Just look at our reviews!

For more details on van signwriting, magnets or anything signage call us on 01268 247 010 or email
Magnetic signage
Magnetic signageMagnetic signage
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