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At Signs Express Portsmouth, we provide everything from ship signs to directional signage, marine and port signage to more recently, owing to the current pandemic, social distancing solutions and covid related signage. It was great to be able to walk into the ferry and follow the signage we previously installed effectively, just proving how important it is to have impactful, simple signs and graphics. The covid and social distancing signage has been instrumental in making sure that their key service can continue to run effectively and efficiently, whilst keeping both the staff and the customers safe and informed. This enables them to continue to run a swift on-time service with all the crossings in place that key workers rely on to be able to work.

Each part of the ship had covid related signage solutions and it was easy to see which regulations had to be followed that importantly creates confidence and safe environment for passengers.
When we took our trip with them, the tier system was not in place, so you were still able to take trips for holidays. It was fantastic to see families, business trips and day-trippers, all easily following the covid signage and following the guidelines with ease. Informative signs on each of the tables explained how you need to wear a mask inside unless eating or drinking, anti-slip, along with durable directional signage on the floor for one way systems and signage outside to explain masks are not needed in an outside environment.

Anyone who has been on a ferry crossing will know (or indeed anyone who has parked in a car park) how tricky it can be to remember where and which level you parked your car. There are signs on each part of the deck, the stairwells and the upper decks that point you in the right direction to make this part of your journey as easy as possible. We embarked as foot passengers, and this meant we had to make our way to the front of the ship to leave. Again the signage was effective, clear and easy to follow to help us navigate with ease.

Once at the port, the safety of foot passengers is essential so the signage was clear and consistent in marking out the route to take. Effective signage is something that we can help you work on with our design team. The Wightlink signs are simple, bold and clear which make them eye-catching and easy to read. Without a doubt, Wightlink put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that their passengers are safe and informed, and this has been even more prevalent during the most recent testing times.

We are proud to be able to provide them with the signage to help keep them open and operational when they are needed the most.

We hope that all of our friends and workers are safe, and we can’t wait for customers to be able to use their fantastic ferry service again when all of this is behind us!

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