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Environmental Commitment & Policy



As a leader in the signage and graphics industry, Signs Express are committed to adopting and continually improving sustainable business practices that focus on minimising the environmental impacts of our work, to create a better environment for a better tomorrow.

There are five commitments we are working towards as a brand to reduce our environmental footprint:

Our Environmental Promise 1920 X 820

Zero waste to landfill

At Signs Express we regularly review and assess our waste and waste disposal practices to ensure that we are focused on preventing waste in the first instance, reducing waste, reusing or recycling waste, but as a minimum, seeking to recover energy from waste via incineration. Our waste management practices are proactively managed, reviewed and tracked so we can reduce and eliminate waste being sent to landfill.

Specific examples include printer ink cartridges being recycled through manufacturers, paper and cardboard being recycled and new arrangements being introduced for the collection of previously non-recyclable backing papers and vinyls that can now be recycled/repurposed to create new products.

Zero waste to landfill Signs Express

Greener product alternatives

Part of our role in the protection of the environment is to educate our customers about the greener product alternatives that are available and that are more eco-friendly, in either the way they are made or sourced (reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain) or the recyclability of the signs and graphics at the end of their life.

We have access to an ever-growing range of products derived from renewable resources or with the reduced environmental impact that we promote during our sales process, giving the customer choice. By procuring goods and supplies that meet these criteria, we limit the amount of waste and recognise that prevention is better than cure.

Specific examples include using eco-solvent inks, which release less toxic fumes into the air and using sustainably sourced/produced raw materials.

Signs Express Eco-Range

Environmental awareness & training

We recognise that the empowerment of our employees is our strongest weapon in the battle for environmental protection and will therefore arrange for suitable training and awareness-building sessions to be made available where possible on the ecological implications of our work activities and the factors within our control. We will encourage our employees’ involvement in developing environmental improvements, through regular discussion.

We aim to foster an understanding of environmental issues appropriate to and in the context of our business and those who work with us. Across some of our sites, we encourage our teams to participate in UK-based eco projects that improve the local biodiversity from tree planting to habitat restoration.

Signs Express Eco Training

Continual improvement and focus on sustainability

Our intention is to ensure that we continually improve the environmental impact of our activities. We seek excellence in every area of our work and are committed to continuing to improve our environmental performance by minimising our environmental impact. We commit to regularly reviewing our activities, policies and targets to ensure we are reducing emissions, reducing waste and promoting best practice.

This is an ongoing commitment upheld by every member of the Signs Express team.

Continual improvement and focus on sustainability

We are passionate about making changes today to preserve the environment for tomorrow. It’s a joint effort and every business in the Signs Express franchise has a role to play to create cleaner, safer and sustainable working practices that make a difference.