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Are you looking for a way to make your office or school more motivational? Do you find yourself looking at plain white walls?
With more and more offices and schools thinking outside the box on how to spruce up their buildings, wallpaper can be a very cost-effective way of turning a plain room into a colourful, inspiring space. Wallpaper does more than cover an empty wall space, it creates an atmosphere in a room using texture, pattern and colour.

Here at Signs Express Salisbury we can custom print any design to suit your needs. You may be looking to re-energise and brighten up an empty space or create an attractive entrance to visitors and your staff. Office wallpaper can help you customize your environment to promote the ideal productive atmosphere for your work. The use of wallpaper can help make a large room feel cosy as well as making a small room feel endless.

Choosing the right product is key, and it starts with thinking about the room’s purpose and your own tendencies when it comes to working time.

Creative work – inspiration, creativity, imagination: With more creative work, you might want your environment to reflect your imagination and creativity. If that’s the case, bolder colours and funky patterns would be an excellent choice – something that reflects your brands personality and innovative mind.

Education – fun, engaging, durable: If the workspace is primarily for children, you’ll want wallpaper that is durable and can physically stand the test of time (or, at least, sticky fingers). That means wallpaper features should be just as important as colour and pattern. Look for wallpaper that is fully washable and scrubbable.

Traditional office space – efficient, productive, focus: The “cubicle” office style is a fairly ‘’traditional’’ form off office space. But unlike cubicles, that are often plain and uninspiring, your traditional office should reflect your style and work ethics. With this type of work, one of the primary goals is to create an environment that is comfortable for you to work in.

Signs Express Salisbury will work alongside you, assisting with the design process to be able to create your vision or work with your own designs or photographs. Our experienced sign makers and specialised equipment can create a custom wall covering to fit your room no matter the shape or size of the area to be covered. We can also source all the images you have in mind.

We can offer a full range of options from simple but effective cut vinyl lettering or shapes that can be used to portray your company motto to a full colour wall covered display. Signs Express Salisbury also have extensive experience in working with both office interior fit-out companies and retail interior fit-out companies.

An attractive and eye-catching addition to any wall that stays away from too much unstimulating space is an ideal, cost-effective visual solution.

Key advantages of wallpaper at Signs Express Salisbury:

  • Custom design services
  • Comprehensive project management services
  • Professional Installation
  • A range of textures for enhanced aesthetics
  • Printed on durable Type II vinyl commercial wall covering
  • Available in ‘one piece’ if required

Create a unique environment for any area:

  • Receptions & Foyers: Dramatic floor-to-ceiling photo murals of your products.
  • Offices, Staff Areas & Schools: Eye catching and stylish motivation walls.
  • Restaurants & Cafés: Entire walls of scenery or old photos to set the right atmosphere.
  • Retail Stores: Custom wallpaper that strengthens and reinforces your branding.
  • Homes: Stunning themed backdrops to enhance your furniture and décor.

Frequently asked questions from our customers:

How do I make sure the image I have chosen is high enough quality for a mural?
Wall murals require high-resolution imagery to print well and most modern professional digital cameras will provide a good quality image. iPhone and Android phone photos may not work well but we will always review your image and if there are any issues we will contact you to discuss options.

What sizes are available?
Our murals are available in almost any size you'd like!

What type of wall surface do I need to have?
The surface of the wall is very important and critical to selecting a compatible material. Our self-adhesive material is only compatible with smooth, painted wall surfaces. If you have a textured wall or would like a mural on a surface that's a little unusual (concrete, masonry, etc.) just give us a call, and we will suggest an appropriate material for the job.

Do you offer protective finishes?
Yes, we can apply a Matt Laminate which is a film applied to the face of the mural after it has been printed and will add extra protection from abrasion.

Can my mural be cleaned?
Yes. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the mural surface. No chemicals should be used on the mural surface as this could damage to your wall mural.

Can I install a mural in a bathroom or high moisture area?
Most of our mural materials will perform well in higher-than-normal humidity areas.

Give Signs Express Salisbury a call today to discuss your wallpaper needs: 01722 447933 or take a look at their website

Reception Lobby Wallpaper Graphic
Reception Lobby Wallpaper GraphicReception Lobby Wallpaper Graphic
Creative 3D Look Wallpaper
Creative 3D Look WallpaperCreative 3D Look Wallpaper
Colourful Wallpaper Graphics
Colourful Wallpaper GraphicsColourful Wallpaper Graphics
Office Wallpaper
Office WallpaperOffice Wallpaper
Bespoke Wallpaper For Children's Centre
Bespoke Wallpaper For Children's CentreBespoke Wallpaper For Children's Centre
Colourful Wallpaper Graphics
Colourful Wallpaper GraphicsColourful Wallpaper Graphics
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