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The Complete Guide to Exhibition & Display Solutions

Exhibition and Display covers a wide array of products as organisations can exhibit in locations of all shapes and sizes, whether it be at large national indoor arenas or smaller community hubs. The information below gives details about the most popular Exhibition and Display products as well as answering some frequently asked questions on how to achieve the best results when you next need to exhibit.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands also known as pull up or roller banner stands, are a great way to display your branding at an affordable price. All you need to do is pull the graphic from the base and you're ready to go. When not in use, the graphic retracts into the base, making it easily portable and ideal for conferences, reception areas, retail, schools, and exhibitions.

Pop Up Banner

Pop-Up Stands

Pop-up stands are a favourite solution for exhibitions and trade shows due to the portable nature of the frame and the ease of assembly. Once the frames are erected, printed graphic panels are attached to the frame or if it is a fabric pop-up then the one-piece covering is placed over the frame, creating an attention-grabbing display.

1. Pop Up Displays

Modular Display Stands

Modular display stands bridge the gap between portable stands, such as pop-ups and custom-built traditional joinery stands and are ideal if you have a regular exhibition calendar. The big advantage of modular stands is that they are reconfigurable, re-usable and more importantly flexible to allow you to adapt to different marketing requirements. Our team can provide artwork at specific sizes which you can drop in or Velcro down to shell scheme panels for minimal cost.

Exhibition Displays


Flags can be customised with your brand to suit any indoor or outdoor event, offering maximum visibility and marketing presence. Our promotional flag range is suitable for a wide range of applications including events and exhibitions, trade shows, sporting events, festivals, country fairs, front of business and forecourts. Popular event flags include feather flags, teardrop flags and sail flags which come in a range of sizes, with footings to suit every type of surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What size should my Exhibition Stand be?
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    Does size really matter? Well, it really does on this occasion. Bigger is better when it comes to exhibitions – but don’t blow your budget on a huge stand and not be able to create the desired impact. You are much better opting for a smaller space and using your budget to make it look fantastic and add the ‘WOW’ factor, leaving a positive impression on visitors.

  • Q. What should my Budget be for an Exhibition Stand?
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    As much as you can afford. Smaller businesses that operate with a tighter budget will naturally look for ways to save money. Unfortunately, when it comes to the design and manufacture of an eye-catching exhibition stand, something that’s very cheap may compromise quality. A common exhibiting mistake is to assume that by saving money with a cheap exhibition stand you can make up for it in other areas. If potential clients see that the quality of your stand - whether it’s the graphics, design or layout isn’t up to scratch, they’ll be quick to assume your products or services follow suit.

  • Q. How can I prepare for an Exhibition at the last minute?
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    If you’re compiling a to-do list for your last-minute exhibition, consulting an experienced stand producer, like Signs Express should be right near the top. An eye-catching exhibition stand is essential to attract attention and achieve your goals at events. Therefore, by contacting an expert as soon as possible, it provides a larger window to achieve a design that suits your needs as well as incorporate aspects that may require a longer turnaround.

  • Q. How to produce an effective Exhibition and Display Stand?
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    The aesthetic appeal of your exhibition stand is vital to attract as much attention as possible and stand out from the crowd. If your choice of graphics are poor-quality, unexciting or look outdated compared to your competitors, you’ll significantly reduce customer engagement and your overall chances of success.

    While you may already have design ideas in mind for your exhibition stand, it’s always a good idea to explore as many different options as possible. The key to trade show success is attracting as much attention as possible and standing out from the crowd.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic design genius to attain this. Signs Express have several decades of experience in the exhibition, sign and print industries, meaning we have an eye for interesting designs and have the skills to produce first class exhibition stands. Whether you’re looking for a modern minimalistic design or an engaging complex layout, our experts will ensure your exhibition matches your requirements.

  • Q. How can I stand out at an Exhibition?
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    Keep in mind your competitors have the same goal, and therefore it’s vital to embrace creativity and unique design ideas. Fortunately, we live in an era where technology and graphic design are more advanced than ever, which offers a fantastic array of immersive and eye-catching possibilities. If you have any specific ideas you want to explore or are struggling for inspiration, our team can help you to make your vision a reality.

    In a busy exhibition hall, you only have the briefest moment to attract a visitor’s attention – and at that moment you want them to realise that you are exactly what they need. Professionally designed graphics are imperative to ensure your stand design is eye-catching and engaging. Be bold, be vibrant, be eye-catching and inventive. Make sure your stand is the one everyone notices.

    Both modular aluminium systems and tubular fabric displays are great entry-level systems that allow companies to create larger, interesting displays without the need for bespoke carpentry stands and large install crews.

    Implementing technology into your trade show exhibition stand is a great way to differentiate your organisation Signs Express has partnered with companies to deliver unique experiences including AV equipment, lighting, floor tiles as well as VR.

    The quality of your signage will help convey messages about your organisation including your products, services and brand. However, get the correct look and feel of an Exhibition Stand and you can reinforce your positioning and standout out amongst you competitors.

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