AB Dynamics Solar Window Film For Office Block (Bradford On Avon) 3AB Dynamics Solar Window Film For Office Block (Bradford On Avon) 2

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During the summer months, many of us ask ‘how we can cool our offices or premises’. Most often we turn on fans or the air conditioning. However, instead of spending more on energy to cool your building, solar window film can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is felt inside.

A hot working environment can be distracting for employees often meaning a less productive workforce, Heat blocking window film will help reduce the impact of this along with blocking harmful UV rays through a specially applied coating.

Installing a solar protection film on your glass surfaces is a practical and economical alternative to controlling the temperature of your building.

Solar Films FAQs

What is solar window film?

Solar window film is a Polyethylene Terephthalate which is treated with a number of proven processes to improve the appearance and performance of existing glazing. One side is coated with a scratch-resistant coating and the other with an adhesive so that the film conforms to the surface of the glass and becomes a true heat shield.

How does solar window film work?

Solar window films help to control the sun's rays by reducing the influx of heat. They also reduce glare and the effects of UV rays on ourselves and the discolouration of our interiors.

What is solar window film used for?

Window films can do much more than just control the sun's harmful effects, window films can be used to increase the toughness of your windows or offer more privacy.

Will solar window film stop glare?

Glare can be a persistent problem when it reflects on TV, laptop or computer screens, making it difficult to concentrate. If you are faced with glare from the sun in your home or office, there are anti-glare window films that can block up to 94% of the glare without much impact on the way of natural light.

Does solar window film offer privacy?

With solar protection films, a mirrored finish allows the heat to be blocked without encumbering the view and allowing natural light into the building.

What colours of solar window film can I choose?

Whether it's to comply with standards or simply because you don't like to be like everyone else, there is a whole range of coloured sun protection films – you can be as original as you like while being practical.

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Benefits of Solar Window Film

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Reduce solar heat
  • Reduce glare all year round
  • Help save energy costs
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Increase efficiency of staff
  • Rejects UV rays by as much as 90%
AB Dynamics Solar Window Film For Office Block (Bradford On Avon) 2