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Top Tips For Maintaining Van Signwriting

After you have gone to the trouble of getting your van signage done, we know you are going to want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. So, we have curated a list of 12 tips which when followed will keep your van signwriting in the best condition possible.

DO NOT wash your van for at least 2-3 days after having your graphics installed. This is the golden rule, the adhesive will need time to set, so the worst thing you can do at this early stage is put it through a wash. Just a few days, then you can get the bucket and sponge out.
We advise that you hand-wash your van with a soft sponge and mild diluted detergent. However, if you must get it jet washed, make sure to use a low pressure.
This goes without saying, but have your signage done right in the first place. The amount of fix-up jobs that come through our doors would make your eyes water. Go directly to a quality signage company and ask what materials they will be using. What guarantees are provided? What are the company's reviews like? Save yourself money in the long run and do some research before you decide where to take your van
Spot clean small messes as soon as possible, especially during summer when stains dry quicker. Again, using just warm soapy water, soak the stain then rinse thoroughly with water and finish with a clean microfibre cloth.
Be careful when filling up. If you do not have vinyl van graphics, this is something you will have to watch out for. However, as we laminate all of our signwriting, your artwork will have extra protection against fuel spills, giving you peace of mind if you do happen to spill a few drops.
Do not use wax on your matte vehicle graphics as this will cause your vinyl to turn shiny. If you must, ask your sign company about using a specific matte vinyl conditioner.
Reduce water marks using a squeegee and slide any rainwater off your van graphics before they can set and leave a mark. Dry off with a clean microfibre cloth.
Avoid applying magnetic sheet van graphics to newly painted surfaces.
Clean and polish the application area prior to placement of the magnet, making sure that both the van surface and the magnet are clean and dry prior to application.
Regularly remove and clean your magnetic graphics. Ideally this should be done daily, but at least every two days. In hot weather, this MUST be done daily.
Ensure that all the magnetic sheet is in contact with the vehicle (avoid heavily contoured areas) to ensure maximum performance and to avoid movement of the sign whilst at motorway speeds.
Do not use on body panels containing plastic filler since this will drastically reduce the magnetic performance. When not in use, keep the magnetic sign flat - preferably store it on a flat steel surface. To minimise the damage to paintwork that may occur from the use of magnetic van signwriting, please follow all the points above. The advice given, reduces the risk of such damage. For the most part, looking after your van signwriting simply involves some common sense. In the main, if you aim to wash your van regularly but gently soon after it becomes dirty, your signwriting should last for years and years.
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