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Cape was a UK based industrial oil and gas services company that was acquired recently by Altrad, the French industrial services company. Complete Business Solutions were asked to manage and carry out all aspects of the rebrand from Cape to Altrad and they asked Signs Express (Sheffield) to manage and implement the rebranding of the site signage across 12 sites throughout the UK.
Site Survey

The sites were surveyed by Signs Express from the end of July and continuing through August. Each site had various types and quantities of both internal and external signage, some of which was illuminated. Signs Express were asked to remove the existing signage and repair any fixing holes ready for repainting by a team of decorators. The surveys included identifying the access needs and the suitability of the building structure at the intended locations for the new signage. Some of the external signage required the installation team to utilise either aluminium access towers or in some cases, powered access equipment.


The sign requirements included a mixture of signage across each site:

    White vinyl applied to glazed window panels

    Foamex panels with prints to the face

    Clear acrylic panels with prints to rear mounted on stand-off locators

    Prints mounted on aluminium composite panels, with some external signage being up to 6000mm x 6000mm

    Folded aluminium trays powder coated white with printed and cut vinyl to the face

    Internally illuminated trays with white LED illumination through opal acrylic and a red top tray with stencil cut details arranged as shown on the sketch below


Altrad had a target project completion date of the end of October and were keen to start asap. The lead time between the first sign being signed off and the installation date was only two weeks.

Altrad wanted all installations to be carried out at weekends to generate a dramatic impact for the employees and customers who would see a completed installation on Monday morning. In view of the tight timescales, the work was completed sequentially at weekends through to completion, requiring a tight management and coordination between all the activities and companies on each site.

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