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Be seen by up to 30,000* people every day on the road by using your business vehicle as an advertising tool.

Plus, it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques, lasting for many years!
Less than 5 seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a positive impression on potential customers. Make sure your vehicle gives the right message.

Promote your business 24/7 and build your brand awareness.

The cost-effective advertising choice

As professionally applied vehicle graphics can last for many years, the advertising costs over the lifetime of the graphics are incredibly low – as little as 14p per day**.

Compare that with the costs of other forms of advertising, including online, where the average cost per click on Google is between £0.66 and £1.32*** and you’re certainly onto a winner for exposure and value.

In fact, 96% of people believe they have more impact than billboards and 98% feel vehicle advertising creates a positive image of a company.****

A full vehicle wrapA full vehicle wrap

In addition to being highly visible, having an easily identifiable vehicle can act as a theft deterrent, according to, which could contribute to cheaper insurance premiums. So, you’ll reach more customers and have lower costs – a win, win!

What graphics should you choose?

With many different effects and finishes available, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle stands out for all the right reasons. Here’s our pick of the most popular choices:

Cut vinyl graphicsCut vinyl graphics

Van decals
Branding your vehicle with cut vinyl graphics is a simple and low-cost way to get your message out there. Include your company name, contact information and a brief description of your business for a simple, effective message. Use contrasting coloured vinyls to create logos and icons to draw attention.

Digitally printed graphicsDigitally printed graphics

Printed vinyl graphics
By far the most popular van graphics choice. Wide format digital printers can reproduce photographs and images, logos and more complex designs in a multitude of colours for a vibrant and attractive finish.

Reflective graphicsReflective graphics

Reflective graphics
You can add reflective graphics to your design to make your vehicle stand out during the day and at night. Highlight your company logo or your web address in reflective materials as part of your van advertising.

Partial vehicle wrapPartial vehicle wrap

Van wrapping
Vinyl graphics which are heated and applied across the contours of a van are known as vehicle wraps. Specialist high-quality materials are used, and these can be printed or bought in a solid colour. Graphics can be installed across all or part of your vehicle, depending on the design.

Signs Express Head of Operations Jeff Bufton said, “Wrapping the rear quarter and back of a commercial vehicle is a very popular choice as it provides a large design space and a focal point for the graphics. It gives you a bold messaging area and offers great value.”

Create the wow factorCreate the wow factor

Looking for that wow factor?
Specialist material finishes such as matte, chrome or carbon fibre effects can be used across your vehicle to really add the wow factor to your vehicle graphics.

What are the best design choices for maximum exposure from your vehicle advertising?

Visual attention softwareVisual attention software

To make sure your most important elements are seen within a short time-frame, you can use Visual Attention Software. This tool works by combining science and design, identifying ‘first glance’ vision which will simulate our eyes to determine whether your graphics hit the mark. The software will predict which areas within your design are likely to be viewed consciously so you can make the right design decisions.

There are also some basic rules to follow when thinking about your vehicle graphics design including:

Contrasting colours
Your graphics need to be clearly seen from a distance so choose colours which contrast the colour of your van.

Relevant but eye-catching imagery
An image says a thousand words and can create an instant impression of your business.

Bold company logo and contact information
If you want people to remember your business name, then they need to be able to see it! For the best visibility, include your company logo or business name across the sides, front and rear of the van and at a size that can be seen from 20 metres away.

Less is more
Try to avoid long lists of products or services you offer as this will just clutter your graphics and make them more difficult to read and recall. Stick to making your main message the most visible.

How do you make sure your van advertising represents your business?

1. Use a reputable sign company
There are many types of vinyls on the market and the specifications can vary significantly. Use the incorrect specification and the graphics could start peeling away.

2. Leave installation to the professionals
Wherever possible, graphics should be installed under cover and in a temperature-controlled environment so that the right conditions can be created for long term graphics application. Professional installers will make sure the design fits perfectly to the vehicle and that there is a bubble free application!

3. Keep it clean & maintain your graphics
Seems simple enough but your van could be the first impression of your business and if it looks scruffy or dirty it may give a negative impression of your organisation. Regular washing is a must but avoid using a jet wash or other abrasive cleaning as this could affect the longevity of your graphics.
Signs Express are experts at vehicle graphics applicationSigns Express are experts at vehicle graphics application

Use a high quality, local service to fit your needs
Each one of our 65+ sign production centres across the UK & Ireland has its own dedicated vehicle bay which provides the ideal conditions for vehicle graphics application. If you’re looking to make the most of your vehicle advertising, contact your local Signs Express centre to see how we can help you stand out on the road.

*3,000 impressions per hour based on a 10-hour working day. 3M study on the power of vehicle advertising.
**Basic graphics costing £250 and in place for 5 years.
***Average costs of PPC Google advertising
****A study by ad agency RYP & Becker Group published in 3M mobile media advertising leaflet.

Vehicle advertising
Vehicle advertisingVehicle advertising
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