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Signs Express (Exeter) was delighted to be able to sponsor a Nissan Micra back in July for the Mongol Rally!

The Mongol Rally is a highly dangerous and yet adventurous rally, which thunders across 10,000 miles of mountains and desert every year, through Europe and Asia. There are only three rules if you want to take part in the rally:

- You can only take a small vehicle

- You are completely on your own

- You raise at least £1,000 for charity

And they aren't kidding about the being on your own bit! There is absolutely no back-up, no support and no set-route. Just you, your tiny car and whoever's mad enough to go on the adventure with you (in your tiny car)!

The point of the rally is to raise as much money as possible for charity, whilst getting lost on the way, using your wits and finding yourself! The rally is not for the faint-hearted. The website (although tongue-in-cheek) also points out that these adventures, whilst hopefully leaving you with a 'grin smeared across your grubby face', can also be highly dangerous.

There is no expectation that your car will make it to the end intact, there's not even a guarantee that you will make it to the end intact! However, this rally is not designed around cautious folk, it's for real adventurers. People who want to laugh in the face of danger and grab life with both hands.

We had the pleasure in sponsoring the little Micra with some vehicle graphics before it underwent on its massive (and probably final!) trip and were thrilled when we received this picture of her taken in a village in Eastern Russia, about a week before she passed over the border to Mongolia!

We're glad to see she's made it so far and really proud of the team for embarking on such a life-changing adventure whilst also raising money for charity! Safe travels.
Mongol Rally
Mongol RallyMongol Rally
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