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The Complete Guide to Vehicle Graphics

Signs Express are experts in vehicle graphic solutions. With over 30 years’ experience we are perfectly placed to give you the complete guide to vehicle graphics; walking you through the benefits and the process of installing graphics on your organisation’s vehicles.

Vehicle Stickers & Decals

Vinyl lettering and graphics provide a quick and economical solution for your vehicles. Decals are usually larger stickers and will often incorporate full colour graphics to make more of an impact.

Custom vehicle stickers are ideal for promotional events when they're only needed for a short space of time. These can be created with a fast turnaround so are great for ad hoc usage. Both stickers and decals are waterproof and can be applied to the vehicles body work or rear windows. Both options are quicker and more cost-effective than full vehicle wraps and their design can be made to work with the existing colour of the vehicle.

Enerco Infill Panels And Graphics

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic vehicle signs are an effective temporary signage solution and easy to maintain. These are the easiest type of vehicle graphics to apply and remove, so are another great solution for short-term branding or promotional requirements.

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Branded Window Film

You can really improve the look of a vehicle by using custom printed film on side or rear windows to create a beautiful finish. As well as looking good, it can also provide UV protection from the sun and vehicle security; again, these can be branded and look great as part of a vehicle wrap. As a note, UK law states: the front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through, so these areas can’t have window film applied.

How do you get Vehicle Graphics?

If you aren't sure where to start with your vehicle graphics why not give us a call? Sometimes it's best to chat through options where we can advise on solutions we think will work best. 

Typically the process of choosing your graphics will include the following steps:

1) Have a look at the gallery of vehicle graphics on our website and decide which types appeal to you and could form the inspiration for your graphics.

2) Agree a pricing range or budget with your local Signs Express centre, there is no point in them designing a full wrap if all you are wanting is a low budget solution.

3) Decide what you want to put on the vehicle. The golden rule is to make sure you tell prospective customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

4) Send the above details, and ideally, an electronic copy of your logo and the exact make and model details of your vehicle so that your local centre can put a draft design together.

5) Tweak the design to get it exactly as you want it.

6) Book the vehicle in to have the graphics applied. Typically the fitting date will be a week or two in the future to allow time to get all the graphics prepared. This means the vehicle will be off the road for the minimum amount of time. The actual fitting time will typically be a half to full day for simpler designs, and a few days for partial and full wraps. Whatever your vehicle type, we can help. As well as cars, vans, lorries, and buses; our accredited installers work with motorbikes, jet skis and heavy plant to name but a few.


Whether using decals, stickers, full or partial vinyl wraps, your vehicle plays an important role in creating awareness of your business and your products or services. Graphics can be applied to a range of vehicles and the design is only limited by imagination. Signs Express are able to create vehicle graphics to display photographs, complex artwork or logos, produced in an array of colours and, in many cases, different finishes such as matte, metallic and reflective.

Our expert vehicle graphic specialists can help you transform your vehicle into an asset for your business. Whatever your requirements our network of centres are ideally placed to ensure brand visibility and increase awareness. We are dedicated to creating distinctive and memorable signage to differentiate your business from the competition, so get in touch today!

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  • Q. How effective are vehicle graphics for marketing and brand exposure in the UK?
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    Vehicle graphics are an extremely effective marketing tool in the UK, offering high visibility and brand exposure. As vehicles travel across different locations, they act as mobile billboards, reaching a diverse audience. The effectiveness depends on the design's clarity, message, and the areas where the vehicle is driven. It's a cost-effective way of advertising, especially in high-traffic areas or during peak travel times. Learn how to Turn Your Vehicle Into a 24-hour Marketing Machine here

  • Q. Can vehicle graphics be removed without damaging the vehicle's paint?
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    Yes, high-quality vehicle graphics designed for vehicles can be removed without damaging the paint. It's recommended to have a professional remove the graphics to ensure there is no residue or damage. The condition of the paint prior to application and the duration of the graphics being on the vehicle can also affect the removal process.  To find out more read our article on How to Remove Vehicle Graphics article.

  • Q. How long do vehicle graphics typically last?
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    The lifespan of vehicle graphics depends on the quality of the materials used and exposure to elements like sun and rain. High-quality vinyl graphics can last up to 7 years but there are more cost-effective solutions available, but these may not last as long as premium alternatives. Regular maintenance and careful cleaning can extend the life of the graphics.

  • Q. What are the legal requirements for vehicle graphics in the UK?
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    In the UK, vehicle graphics must not obstruct the driver's view and should comply with the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001. This means registration plates must remain visible and legible. Graphics should not be misleading or resemble official signage (like emergency vehicles). Additionally, ensure that graphics do not contain offensive or explicit content as per the UK's public decency laws.

  • Q. What kind of signwriting can I get for my vehicle?
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    Whether you’re looking to cover an individual vehicle or entire fleet, the wide range of options for vehicle signwriting means you can find a solution matched to your budget and timescale.

    For those looking for a speedy solution with a smaller budget, vehicle decals and stickers can be quickly applied to your vehicle so you can be back on the road in no time. This also applies for magnetic signs, which have the added benefit of being quickly removed or replaced whenever you like. This makes them an ideal solution if you have regular or seasonal promotions or to temporarily brand a hire vehicle.

    Self-adhesive cut vinyl graphics offer a great solution for a permanent or longer-term vehicle rebrand. They are cost-effective, durable, designed bespoke to your vehicle make and model, and help to preserve paintwork underneath. Typical use cases include branding vehicles and fleets with company logos, contact details, slogans and key messaging.

    For those looking for even more eye-catching and impactful vehicle graphics, partial and full vehicle wrapping can achieve amazing results. For the most successful application, any existing graphics must be removed and the bodywork should be in good condition. Because they are printed using large format printers, high resolution photographs, designs, and eye-popping colours can all be used to ensure your vehicle is always noticed on the go.

    While full vehicle wraps have a longer turnaround time than some of the simpler solutions such as stickers, they offer considerable reductions in lead time when compared with traditional hand-painted signwriting – and the use of digital printing means the possibilities for colour and design are virtually endless.

  • Q. Do vehicle graphics damage the vehicle?
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    No, vehicle graphics don't damage the vehicle. In fact, the opposite is true. Graphics actually help to protect the paintwork, making a full wrap a popular option for lease vehicles for this exact reason. If you require graphics to be removed from your vehicle, be sure to get in touch with us for a professional service.

  • Q. How long will my vehicle be off the road to have vehicle graphics applied?
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    Standard graphics can typically be applied in half a day, while more complex designs can take around a day. Full wraps usually take 2-3 days but this may be longer depending on the size of the vehicle.

  • Q. Which colours work best for vehicle wraps?
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    It's important you use colours that are already associated with the identity of your business, if you have brand colours ensure these are incorporated. No matter which colours you choose, make sure there is enough contrast between the message and the background colours.

  • Q. How much do vehicle wraps cost?
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    As vehicle wraps are bespoke, all jobs are quoted on an individual basis. Costs range from a few hundred pounds for simple design up to several thousand for a full wrap. However, if you want a more cost effective solution, decals, stickers and magnetic boards are all great alternatives.

  • Q. Should I get my vehicle wrapped?
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    The answer is, 'yes you should'. A 3M study on the 'Power of Vehicle Advertising' claims up to 3,000 people see your vehicle every hour. So once you break down the cost of a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic over the course of its lifetime it can be as little as pennies, (depending on the design and signage solution) making it one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available.

  • Q. What details should I have on my vehicle wrap?
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    When considering wrapping a commercial vehicle, you need to decide what the most important things are you want customers to know. The golden rule is to state who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

    If your company name doesn’t make it clear what services or products you offer it might be worth considering adding additional details or a small product list.

    Your vehicle graphics can be completely bespoke, alongside text you can apply logos, patterns and imagery where appropriate.

  • Q. How long does a vehicle wrap last?
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    A professionally installed vehicle wrap, using quality materials, installed by a wrap specialist can last between three and five years, typically. The quality of wrap is a very important factor, along with type of climate and environment the vehicle is used in. Some wraps may last longer, if the vehicle was to be lightly used and the wrap cared for.

  • Q. How do I take care of my vehicle wrap?
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    After you’ve invested in a new vehicle wrap it’s important to keep it in good condition to ensure it will last longer and look fresher. Follow the below tips to get the best from your van wrap.

    Hand washing your vehicle is the best way to keep wraps in perfect condition. Using a non-abrasive solution, rinse first to soften and loosen dirt, and then wash with a gentle sponge or cloth.

    Car washes are fine, however avoid stiff brushes that can scratch the finish. A rough brush pulls up the corners, and the bristle motions can remove the shine, causing it to look dull. The better options are touchless car washes or rolling up your sleeves!

    Pressure washing isn’t recommended, although it depends on the type of wrap on your vehicle. 3M recommends using water pressure under 2,000 PSI, keeping heat under 80 °C, and using a 40-degree angle spray with the water stream at 90 degrees to the bodywork.

    If you take care of your vehicle wrap, they’ll remain as good as new.

  • Q. How do I remove my vehicle wrap?
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    To remove your wrap, find yourself a blunt plastic scraper (something that won’t damage the paintwork underneath the graphics) and a hair dryer.

    With the hair dryer, focus heat on a small area of your signage to gently melt the glue beneath the vinyl. The area should not be so hot that you cannot touch it; if the vinyl is too hot it will stretch and tear rather than coming off cleanly. Tearing is not a issue in itself, just that it will take a lot longer to remove.

    With a patch of vinyl now heated, use your plastic scraper to push up an edge, this raised edge gives you a starting point to pull the vinyl away from the surface. If the vinyl is at the right temperature, you should be able to lift and remove a good size piece of the vinyl.

    Our Basildon centre have put together a handy guide on how to remove vehicle graphics, if you would like to learn more.

  • Q. What are the top tips for getting a vehicle wrapped?
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    • Above all, make it clear and obvious what you do.
    • Make sure the colour and design matches your brand, and is recognisable.
    • Make sure your contact details stand out, so potential customers can contact you.
    • As your vehicle will be moving a lot of the time, make sure the design is uncluttered and concise.
    • Make the most of the rear of your van. People behind you have more time to digest this area of advertisement.
    • If you vehicle has a sliding door, check that there are no inappropriate words on show when it is open.
    • Don't put too much detail in. You only have a finite space for your design, so use it wisely.
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