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Inform, persuade and identify. Just some of the key reasons for investing in your outdoor signage.

With so many options to choose from, what are the best types of exterior sign for your business?
First, think through the following:

1. What do you want your signage to achieve?
Each sign that you install should have a purpose. Knowing why you’re putting up a sign and what you want it to achieve is an important starting point for any project to ensure you end up with the right solution.

Some common reasons for installing exterior signage:

  • Advertise your business/location or showcase your brand (e.g. fascia signs)
  • Communicate key messages (e.g. panel and post sign)
  • Engage and grab attention (e.g. illuminated signage)
  • Promote a product or service (e.g. banners or flags)
  • Welcome (e.g. monolith/totem)
  • Inform (e.g. health and safety notices)
  • Direct people to correct locations or navigate them between areas of a building (e.g. wayfinding signs)
  • Create a sense of familiarity or association (e.g. bespoke shaped sign)

2. What are your surroundings?
Your surrounding environment can have a huge impact on your sign’s effectiveness and is an important consideration during the specification phase.

Polished finish Polished finish
For example, if you’re planning on using a gloss finish or polished material, your sign could display a reflection of your surroundings making it difficult to read. However, it also creates a sleek and modern look and so is a very desirable choice of finish.

If you’re in a location with passing traffic or footfall at night-time, you may also want to illuminate your signage, which can help to differentiate your building from others in the vicinity. Lighting up your sign can also make a strong statement about your organisation.

The location will also determine how much space is available and how the signage might need to be fixed. For example, wall mounted, fixed into the ground or freestanding.

High level building signHigh level building sign

If you’re set back from the road, you’ll want your sign to be positioned for maximum visibility and you could also look to add further signs to other aspects of your building for prominence from all angles.

Certain types of signs and graphics may require planning permission. More information about this can be found here.

3. How much do outdoor signs cost?
As there are so many options available, there is an outdoor signage solution to suit any budget. This will be discussed at the point of your enquiry so the specification of your signs can be customised to your requirements and available spend.

When thinking about your budget, consider the lifetime value. Many of the signs we supply will be in situ for several years, so it is worth investing in a quality specification and a supplier you can trust.

In some cases, you’ll also need to allow for installation costs in addition to the manufacture of the signage.

Acrylic plaqueAcrylic plaque
That said, a simple but stylish acrylic plaque, for example, can be supplied for as little as £50. Soft signage, such as banners and flags, are also very affordable advertising solutions.

With so many variables, our outdoor signs are always fully discussed and scoped with you and quoted before orders are progressed.

Let us help you choose the right outdoor sign
With over 65 sign centres across the UK and 30 years’ experience, the breadth of expertise available at Signs Express ensures our customers’ needs are front of mind when specifying our products.

Building signs, fascia signs and retail signs, to name just a few, are completed in their thousands each year by Signs Express. You can be assured that quality materials, adherence to health and safety along with stringent quality control are befitting of our role as one of the leaders in the industry. We’re also proud to be full members of the ISA-UK, powered by the British Signs & Graphics Association.

There are too many signage options available to include all of them within this blog, so we’ve included just a few of our highlights.

Looking for big impact, large scale signs which can be illuminated too?
Shop fascia sign Shop fascia sign

One of the most common options for outdoor signage is a fascia sign.

This often includes a large panel or tray fixed to a building. Vinyl lettering, bespoke to your organisation, can be printed and applied for a cost-effective finish along with a variety of lighting solutions including spotlights or trough lighting.

Fabricated individually cut letters, logos and shapes are another common, high impact, type of signage. These can be supplied flat cut or built-up for 3D effects and can also be illuminated using LEDs to provide a stylish outdoor sign solution.

Flex face signFlex face sign
Looking for a larger than average sign display? Consider a flex face sign. Comprising of a tensioned banner fixed to an aluminium frame, this sign system creates a lightweight and attention-grabbing building sign without any joins, plus it can be illuminated too. You’ll normally see these at larger out of town retail parks.

Do you need a solution secured into the ground?
Traditional panel and post systems most commonly comprise of a horizontal panel fixed to two posts installed into the ground and are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials. They are frequently used as entrance or directional signs and are a very versatile choice.

Illuminated monolith signIlluminated monolith sign
Alternatively, monolith or totem signs are structures which can be fully customised in shape, size, finish and specification making them a really attractive and popular option for customers who want to add the wow factor to their premises.

Perhaps you’re looking for a temporary or short-term advertising option which complements your branding?
Banners can be suspended from buildings, fixed via frames or directly to a substrate. Alternatively, a freestanding a-board is a very common mobile advertising tool. Promotional flags have also grown in popularity and can be weighted or fixed into the ground for stability.

Hoardings offer privacy and security for construction and redevelopment sites whilst providing excellent advertising real estate for impactful marketing messages too.

Replacing or refurbishing an existing sign?
In some cases, it is possible to refurbish an existing sign with new branding, but this will only be agreed following a full inspection and site survey to ensure the integrity of the existing signage.

We’re often called in by clients to offer advice and replace an existing sign. This opens a world of possibilities for our customer and we welcome the opportunity to show some examples of our work and talk through ideas with you.

A solution designed just for you
Whether you’re an independent business owner, a local authority organisation or a multi-site national business, Signs Express’ bespoke service is matched to your needs.

More information on the wide range of outdoor signs available can be found on our website.

Contact your local centre to arrange your no obligation quotation.

Large scale building sign
Large scale building signLarge scale building sign
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