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The dark winter months can have serious implications for the visibility of your brand, not least on the road.
Vehicle graphics are well known to be one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of advertising, but, did you know you can enhance their impact even more by using reflective materials?

Highlight your logo or a promotional message in reflective vinyl graphics on your vehicle for both day and night visibility.

We can also print onto reflective materials and wrap graphics as we would standard vinyl finishes, so there is no design compromise when choosing reflective elements as part of your design. It’s likely to enhance the overall look and draw more attention - great for promotional messages!

Reflective graphicsReflective graphics

There are some restrictions of course, for example, red is the only colour allowed to be used on the rear of a vehicle and it is recommended to use white on the front area. There are also specific standards of vinyl to be used for this purpose and they must be adhered to.

However, you don’t have to swat up on all the rules to enhance your fleet as our expert sign makers will assist you in the full specification of your graphics as part of our service to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law.

Chevron markings

If your van or car ever stops to work on a public road then it is also essential to comply to Chapter 8 best practice to ensure the safety of your workforce and the general public. This includes chevron markings in fluorescent yellow and retro-reflective red markings or a solid block of orange-red retro-reflective material to the rear of your vehicle. In addition, maintenance vehicles should have the wording ‘Highway Maintenance’ applied to the rear (or Motorway Maintenance when only working on motorways).
Chapter 8 markingsChapter 8 markings

Larger vehicles

You may also recognise, when travelling on the road, that larger vehicles also have safety markings which identify the shape of the rear and sides. These consist of strips of reflective material that are used to mark the outline of the rear and on the side to show the length and the upper corners. The markings used on the rear must be red or yellow and on the side must be yellow or white.

These highly visible conspicuity markings are essential for the safety of all road users. Overnight driving is by far the most dangerous, with up to 10 times the amount of fatalities, poor visibility being one of the major contributors to accidents.*
Larger vehicles should have safety markingsLarger vehicles should have safety markings

Since 2011 the ECE104 regulations have ensured that road users are able to identify and adjust their driving to accommodate potentially slower moving vehicles.

Make an impact

So, whether you’ve got a car, van, truck or trailer, stand out on the road 24/7 with graphics which showcase your business both day and night.

*Statistic from Department of Transport
High visibility graphics
High visibility graphicsHigh visibility graphics
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