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Every day a person can see hundreds of signs which all have different purposes so it’s vital to make your brand stand out from the crowd. So how do you take your signage to the next level?
Illumination is a great solution that adds another dynamic to your branding. Not only are illuminated signs eye-catching but they’re especially effective in low-light conditions and at night.

But why choose illumination?

Illuminated signs and graphics look impressive and create an interesting feature but there are further direct benefits for your business:

– Keeping your signage well-lit throughout the dark and dreary winter months ensures you remain visible 24/7. With clocks going back over the next few weeks and the nights drawing in make sure your customers know you’re still there to serve them.

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS - We provide the latest innovations from the industry, with striking solutions that pique your customers’ interest and maximise your brand perception.

DRIVE SALES - Whether upgrading your signage, transforming a blank space or launching a complete rebrand it’s good to have an idea of what you want from your illuminated signs. Often the desired result is to get more business and illuminating your signage can help encourage customers to make a purchase, especially as 60% of business owners report that enhancing the visibility of their signage has had a positive impact on sales*.

THINK SUSTAINABLY – With LEDs replacing traditional light sources in recent years, illuminated signage is now even better for your energy bill and the environment than ever.

What types of illumination are there?

The world of illumination expands far and wide, with many materials, designs and styles available. Our most popular solutions are just an insight into the endless possibilities illumination offers.

Built up illuminated lettersBuilt up illuminated letters

Built-up letters can make a bigger, more impressive impact compared to some 2D alternatives. With many styles available this versatile option produces a high impact and professional finish. Built-up letters can be fitted to a tray or directly onto walls or cladding and can be face-lit, edge-lit or halo-lit. The advantage of having multiple options is the ability to create an iconic, bespoke sign that has been made to impress.

Halo lit ITV signHalo lit ITV sign


Halo illumination creates a soft glow of light behind built-up letters, helping to bring definition to each letter creating a subtle and stylish finish. Lights are positioned to the reverse of the letters, allowing for a decorative illumination and shadow effect which creates a big impact when mounted on light backgrounds or on a textured wall such a stone or slate.

Internal lightboxInternal lightbox

Lightboxes can be used to create large impactful signs. Externally, flex faces are frequently seen on large buildings and industrial estates while silicon-edge fabric and acrylic displays make vibrant internal features. Wall mounted, projecting, hanging or even freestanding, this versatile solution is ideal for when you need a bright exterior or interior display.

Fret cut external signFret cut external sign

Illuminated fret cut sign trays are often seen on shop fascias and as part of freestanding monoliths and post mounted signs. This style of illumination creates a clean and sharp finish which results in a professional look. By using varying thicknesses of acrylic letters pushed through the sign tray you can create different effects. For example, having the letters flush with the tray results in a sleek finish, while having letters protruding through the tray creates a brighter and bolder effect.

Faux neon internal signFaux neon internal sign

A relatively new introduction to the world of illumination, faux neon is an alternative to traditional neon and offers a much safer and more reliable option. The biggest benefit of this new form of neon is the wide range of design, font and colour options available, allowing for a more customised solution. Stylish and eye-catching, faux neon is a great option to create an engaging feature or showcase your brand name or logo.

External trough lightExternal trough light

Trough or spot lights illuminate your sign from the front and most light casings can even be colour coded to complement your signage. This method of illumination is a more traditional looking solution that is independently fitted around or to the sign. This means it can be a lower cost option if you don’t want to replace your existing signage.

Cabochon bulbCabochon bulb

Cabochon bulb lighting creates a stunning feature, often used to create retro-style signs in the hospitality and leisure industry. By using built up letters with exposed bulbs this solution is largely decorative with different formations and colours available to create a show-stopping feature. Despite being one of the more unique illumination solutions, cabochon lighting is relatively inexpensive to run.

How to make your business stand out on the road

Many businesses will also have company vehicles which provide another opportunity to get your brand noticed. Although not a form of illuminated signage, reflective vehicle graphics create the same effect out on the road.

Activated when light is shone on them, reflective graphics create a wow-factor grabbing the attention of those passing, even when your vehicle is parked.

Next steps

As with any investment it is good to do your research on which products are best suited to your needs. Illuminated signage comes with some specific considerations such as planning permission and the availability of a suitable power supply but with our wealth of experience we can advise you every step of the way and help manage the entire process.

Contact your local Signs Express centre today to find out more!

* The economic value of on-premise signage, Economics Center, UC
Built up illuminated letters on shop front
Built up illuminated letters on shop frontBuilt up illuminated letters on shop front
External fret cut monolith
External fret cut monolithExternal fret cut monolith
External halo lit sign
External halo lit signExternal halo lit sign
External lightbox
External lightboxExternal lightbox
Reflective vehicle graphics
Reflective vehicle graphicsReflective vehicle graphics
Illuminated internal sign
Illuminated internal signIlluminated internal sign
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